We believe that an education in mathematics and statistics should be available for everyone. The study of mathematics or statistics promotes human flourishing and opens doors to a multitude of careers and bright futures. We believe that anyone willing to work hard can major in our department. Our students have the opportunity to appreciate the art and beauty of mathematics and statistics writ large, to appeal to their unreasonable effectiveness, to employ their applications, and to harness their power.

We know that all people deserve to be safe, respected, and valued. Learning, a fundamental human right, can be impeded without a safe, respectful, and comfortable space. In our department, we believe that work environments and learning spaces benefit from the contributions of all people. We value hard work, determination, and creativity. Faculty, staff, and students must continue to work to make our department, our Skills Center, our stats labs, and our classrooms comfortable environments for all to express ideas and conducive environments for all to learn.

We promise to listen to student ideas and to continue to strategize how to make this space actively embrace what diversity of background and diversity of ideas bring to our department and to mathematics and statistics as a whole. We want you to feel that you are not only welcome here, but also that here is where you belong.

Departmental Mission Statement

Our mission is to welcome all students into the study of mathematics and statistics, support them through their classes, and show them how mathematics and statistics are not only beautiful but also useful and powerful.

Vision Statement

We envision a world in which all people embrace the beauty of mathematics and statistics, utilize their ability to help us understand the world, and harness their power to promote human flourishing.


We value hard work and determination to overcome challenges, inquisitiveness to foster learning, creativity to consider new ideas, cooperation to work with others and to help them excel, diversity to respect the opinions and backgrounds of others, and community to support one another.